Commerical FacilitiesReliable janitorial services are an important aspect to any office environment. We at EcoClean of Charlotte understand that you want your space to be clean and well-organized. Our office cleaning team can help your reflect the professional look you want. Our teams specialize in unique environments including museums and theatres. With our commercial cleaning services your business will be clean and inviting.

Since every commercial facility is distinctive, we will work with your needs and requirements to customize a cleaning plan that meets the demands of your business. We will..


  • Empty all waste receptacles and line with plastic liners
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Remove spots & stains from carpets
  • Empty all recycling containers
  • Remove all trash from building and place in designated receptacle
  • Dust computer monitors, telephones and CPU's
  • Dust all desks
  • Dust file cabinets, tables and office equipment
  • Disinfect light switches
  • Dust all A/C vents

Break room / Kitchen:

  • Clean and polish sinks in coffee areas
  • Clean and disinfect tables
  • Damp mop floors in kitchen
  • Clean outside refrigerator
  • Clean microwave daily
  • Disinfect counters

Common Areas:

  • Clean woodwork, walls, door jambs and light switches
  • Dust window sills, blinds, high & low moldings, baseboards and doors
  • Dust wall decor, ventilator ducts, and surrounding ceiling areas
  • Spot clean walls as necessary
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Wet mop and polish all tiled areas
  • Spot clean spillage as necessary on carpeting
  • Disinfect and polish drinking fountains
  • Clean all stairways and elevators


  • Clean & sanitize commodes, partitions and counters
  • Refill all soap and paper dispensers
  • Clean & polish mirrors
  • Empty all waste receptacles and line with plastic liners
  • Wet mop and disinfect floors
  • Disinfect light switches

EcoClean of Charlotte can supply most janitorial products at competitive rates, leaving you with the peace of mind that your site will be appropriately stocked for use by guests and employees.


Retail Stores

Retail Businesses

A clean and spotless store indicates high-quality merchandise to potential customers. Customer service is a very important aspect of retail stores. Keeping your store clean and inviting to customers is part of providing quality customer service. Whereas a dirty store can detract customers and have them head to a competitor, a clean store offers a sense of comfort and confidence in your products and your services. Our company offers professional cleaning services to retail buildings and stores located throughout Charlotte and the surrounding areas so you can leave your customers with an incredible first impression.
We use a consistent quality control program that allows our cleaners to double-check their performance and supervisors to inspect the quality. Our sales floor cleaning philosophy includes:

  • Cleaning the entrance doors from top to bottom (inside and out)
  • Spot Clean and Remove Fingerprints from Showroom Furniture, Shelves and Displays
  • Clean Sales Floor Mirrors and Televisions with Eco-Friendly Glass Cleaner
  • Sweep or Dust Mop Floors with Microfiber Dust Mop
  • Vacuum Floors and Carpets
  • Wet Mop Floors with Neutral Floor Cleaner
  • Deodorize/Disinfect all public surfaces



Successful 5-star Restaurants pay special attention to the cleanliness of their facility, their livelihood depends on it. While you're focusing on the core aspects of your business, we will take care of cleaning and sanitizing your restaurant according to health code standards. We will send in a team of well trained professionals to quickly and thoroughly clean your:

  • Entry lobby (including glass partitions, windows, hostess stand, entry doors)
  • Main dining room (including chair bases, floors, light fixtures, walls, ceilings)
  • Bar area (including service area, top, shoe rails and chairs)
  • Lounge area (under sofa cushions, windows, tables, lamps)
  • Outdoor patios (porch, chairs, tables)
  • Restrooms (disinfect commodes, sinks and door handles, clean mirrors, partitions, replace stock)




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